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Tender soap "Koi Suru Shiri"

Publish date: 2021.02.10


 LOVE MY BUTTOCKS here is the name of a new brand of soap that delicately cares for the skin of the buttocks.????

The soap solves three main problems of this important part of a woman's body.

 It combats stains caused by underwear and tights.

 Soothes rough skin that occurs as a result of prolonged sitting.

Cleans the surface from dry skin and pimples.

  1. The soap has a double action

    1. Softens by scrubbing and exfoliating with the following ingredients:

    2. Peach scrub powder

    3. Konnjaku

    4. Fermented rose honey

    5. Fruit acids

  2. Moisturize with the following ingredients:

    1. Peach leaf extract

    2. Peach Seed Extract

    3. Japanese medlar leaf extract

    4. Kiwi fruit extract

    5. Artichoke leaf extract

    6. Aloe Vera pulp

The soap is suitable not only for the delicate delicate tender skin of the buttocks, but also for other body areas prone to darkening, coarsening and dryness (knees, elbows).

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