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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQPlease find below a list of useful information about using Hatori Shop. If you require any additional help, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected] or through My Account.

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Comission and Fees

Unfortunately, we can only specify the exact cost of international shipping once the parcel has arrived at our warehouse. We will measure the size and weight of the shipment in order to calculate the percise cost of international shipping. You can also choose the best shipping option for you.

Consolidation of parcels is a paid service of HatoriShop, however it allows our customers to save on the volume and cost of international shipping. The cost of service may vary depending on the weight of the consolidated parcels and the selected delivery method.

Customs fees may be charged depending on the contents description, or value (if it reaches the minimum taxable price) for each parcel at the destination country. Whether you will be charged will depend on your country's customs duty. Please contact your local customs office for more information.

Also, HatoriShop service fees do not cover customs duty. Please note that customers must pay the customs fees individualy.

Please note that items purchased on Yahoo! Japan Auction, which are purchased through HatoriShop, are generally not subject to consumption tax. However, consumption tax may be levied on items purchased from some online stores that sell items on Yahoo Auction! In these cases, you will be charged a consumption tax of 10% of the winning price of the item. Because items sold by proxy sites are usually displayed with a taxable price, in most cases there is no additional consumption tax to be charged separately. However, depending on your situation, we may ask you to pay the tax separately.

If we are unable to purchase customer merchandise, we will either (a) cancel the prepayment; or (b) refund all fees.

■  Paid by credit card:

We will immediately cancel credit card pre-authorization. Normally, there will be no record of any prior authorization in your statment. However, it may take some time to cancel the pre-authorization.


Once you have won a bid on an item, your purchase cannot be cancelled. Please make sure that you have definitely decided to purchase an item before you place your bid.

If the item you win turns out to be prohibited for international shipping, it must either be shipped to a Japanese address  of your choice or placed in our warehouse till further instructions.

Before you bid, please make sure that the item you want to buy is not prohibited for international shipping. You can check if the item is in restriciton list by sending us a link

 Please note that we do not compensate for ccidently purchased restricted items.

Please note that technically for the seller the winner of the auction is HatoriShop. Therefore, we recommend that customers refrain from contacting sellers directly to avoid misunderstandings, confusion, and auction bidding delays. If you would like to contact the seller after you have won the auction, contact us via our contact form.

You can bid on car and motorcycle parts. However, please be aware that some car parts on Yahoo! Japan Auction may be considered prohibited items for international shipments. In addition, the list of prohibited items differs depending on the destination country We recommend that you check in advance with your nearest customs office or post office for information on prohibited items for your country.

You may also send us a request with the auction URL or the auction ID before you bid, in order to obtain more information about the item you are interested in.


Normally domestic shipping in Japan is very quick, however If an item has not arrived at the HatoriShop warehouse due to the seller or any shipping incident, we will start an investigation. Generally, refunds can be applied to items that have not arrived at the HatoriShop warehouse within 30 days of ordering. If we are unable to confirm delivery to our warehouse, you will receive a refund.


If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us!