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Japanese shopping Portals: Yahoo Auctions

Publish date: 2021.02.10

YAHOO Auctions

For savvy shoppers, this resource is very useful, especially for large and expensive purchases. Working with auctions requires certain skills like: searching, attentiveness and patience. Yahoo Auctions is the place where both new and used goods are sold, often by stores, but often by individual entrepreneurs or private individuals. An auction provides security for both seller and buyer. The transaction will not be considered complete until the buyer confirms that the merchandise and the description match.

Why auctions can give you better price comparing to regular online store:

  • Corporate sellers receive goods from the manufacturer and required to sell enough goods to maintain their status. Therefore, the dealer can sacrifice a portion of the profits to the turnover in order to meet the obligations.
  • Often sellers are individual entrepreneurs who do not have much expensive infrastructure in the form of retail space or warehouses, but have access to good discounts from manufacturers.
  •  Individuals can get dispose the goods that do not suit them. For example, my expensive Parrot headphones broke and the manufacturer gave me new ones under warranty, but I decided to sell them and buy another nodel Of course, I can no longer sell them at the store price, even though they are brand new, so I have to resort to the auction portal to sell them at the best possible price.
  • In addition, the site often displays unique, collectible and rare goods, the value of which is difficult to assess.

How the auction works:

  • You choose an item and bid.
  • Some lots do have a buy at once option, if you want to guarantee  the lot you are interested in at the stipulated price, it is possible to buy it even before bidding is over.
  • While the lot is playing, you can write to the seller and ask questions if you want to clarify quality or ask to show the item from a certain angle.
  • If bidding is successfull, the item is shipped.


  • Each seller has their own rating and history. Study the ratings and reviews carefully.
  • Most bids happen near the end of the auction period, make sure your bid is not outbid.

Contact us if you have difficulties or questions using Yahoo Auctions.

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