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Toys, Games and Activities for Toddlers 12 to 24 Months

Publish date: 2021.02.23

As your baby gets older and starts to walk, run, and climb, the way they play changes dramatically. As their physical abilities improve, children aged 12 to 24 months acquire many new skills: talking, playing games, interacting, and making friends. Toys, and games are an integral part of this development. All are available at the best price on Hatorishop.

Toddlers love to touch and explore. You can stimulate their creativity by arranging your home so that you don't have to always say “no”. Placing prohibited items out of reach will help you avoid many confrontations. Outdoor activities also provide great opportunities for children to get to know their surroundings by experiencing, touching, and discovering new things. Supervise your little one closely outdoors.

Toddlers keep moving. Being active allows them to practice their new skills: Toys, and games of different types. Each day devote plenty of playtime to outdoor activities so that your child can develop these skills and be active.

Toddlers love to climb. To promote this skill in a safe way while getting some fresh air, go to a park or neighborhood playground. Modular games should be appropriate for the age of the child and well maintained. There must be a safe type of floor to cushion falls. Always closely supervise playground activities and stay close to your child when using play facilities.

Toddlers want to be like everyone else. Encourage your child to participate in the house by asking him to do simple tasks: pick up his toys, fold clothes or sweep.

Toddlers develop their imaginations. At 24 months, your child will begin to play imaginary games. He could play with familiar objects or make up short stories about his cars, trains or dolls.

Resist the urge to always lead your toddler's Toys, and games. Sit down and watch, and let him come to you when he needs you. Watch, wait and marvel, shop from Hatorishop!

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