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Buy Games and Toys Directly from Japan at Hatori Shop

Publish date 2021.01.11
It looks like social distancing and self-quarantine is here to stay for some time, which will no doubt continue to impact our social calendars for the near future. Still, there’s no reason why you can’t have fun at home! We have all types of toys and games for you which can overcome korona tsukare.

Buy video games directly from Japan at Hatori Shop

Video Games

The place where there is Japan is for all intents and purposes inseparable from "video games", and keeping in mind that they might not have created video games, they certainly had the biggest effect on the video game industry. Notwithstanding Nintendo, the video game industry would've most likely kicked the bucket a horrendous demise after the game business crash in the mid-80s, and Nintendo alongside Sega revived it with energy.

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Buy Plastic Model Toys from Japan

Plastic Model Toys

Shop online at Hatori directly from Japan for more than thousands of plastic models with discounts of up to 50%. Parts/Accessories, Robots, Metal Vernier, Mobile suit gundam, Tomix N gauge etc. We ship worldwide. 

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Buy Mini Toy Cars from Japan

Mini Cars

Among Japan's most notable toys, these kick the bucket cast vehicles have spellbound 3 generations of children. There are right now 140 models in the setup, which is constantly being reestablished with the arrival of another model. Mini car toys are so famous in Japan and you can easily buy this at Hatori Shop.

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Buy Figurines from Japan


Buy Kimetsu, Devil's blade, Be @ RBRICK figurines from Hatori Shop directly from japan. Japan is very famous in toys, games and remote control toys. So perhaps now when you come across figurines and ceramics marked “JAPAN” you will take a closer look and possibly be able to decipher which era it was from and realize it may hold more value than its price reflects.

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Buy Radio Controled Equipments from Japan

Radio Controlled

What was the first Japanese Radio Controlled car ever produced? It is now 40 years since Kyosho started a business and it was in 1970 that Kyosho started selling the DASH 1. Now you can get these RC machines/equipment at Hatori Shop directly from Japan

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Buy Candy Toys, Prizes and Capsules from Japan

Candy Toys, Prize, Capsules

What is a Candy Toy? Would I be able to eat it? All things considered, no...but every single Candy Toy accompanies a delicious little sweet! Candy Toys are little, reasonable figures that length each feature of the Tokusatsu world. These incorporate the trick of the year, little puppets, little vinyl figures, and even little model units. In case you're searching for some little, moderate collectibles to watch your work area, look no farther than Bandai's Candy Toys. At Hatori Shop you can buy candy toys, prizes at reasonable prices.

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p>Buy Puzzle Games Online from Japan



The pencil-and-paper logic puzzle is arguably Japan’s most successful cultural export of recent years. There are many types of puzzle games available at Hatori Shop, which you can buy directly from Japan. Whe ship worldwide!

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Buy Board Games from Japan

Board Games

Many people are familiar with Japan’s amazing cuisine, animation, games, music, among many other interests we find fascinating. Currently, the industry that has been on the rise for the past few years now in Japan is the board game industry. Some of the games are widely successful; you have probably played one of them without even knowing it.

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Buy Riding Toys from Japan

Riding Toys

We are pleased to present high-quality ride on toys comprised of the best components available in today’s market. Our products are designed specifically for kids, which means our toys meet safety standards and includes convenient features for parents. At Hatori Shop you can buy all the high quality Riding toys for your kids from anywhere in the world.

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