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Books, Comics and Magazines Directly from Japan

Publish date: 2021.01.11
If you’re living outside the Japan, it may seem difficult to buy Japanese manga and books. You don’t have any shops that sell the stuff you want and when they do, it’s so overpriced that you decide not to buy anything after all. But you really would love to do so because Japanese books and manga are just plain awesome. You can check out Hatori Shop to buy all type of Anime, Manga, Books, Comics directly from Japan. We ship all over the world.

Buy e-books from Japan at Hatori Shop


You can buy your favorite e-book by clicking on your favorite book's name. Welcome to Hatori Shop that has E-Books for all! Everything on this site is completely legal. All the e-books you can buy directly from Hatori shop, If you want to search for a specific author or book, you can use our search engine. We also have children's books and a section dedicated to audio books.

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Buy comics, animation from Japan

Comics, Animation

Some may think that buying comics or manga is for geeks, but we think not, we believe it is an art and there are many stories that can be perfectly narrated through this medium. For this reason, we would recommend that if you want to start reading comics but first identify your type of comic. To find your favorite comics or manga animation we invite you to visit Hatori Shop to buy the type of stories you like.

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Buy language study dictionary from Japan

Language Study Dictionary

We adapt to the needs of our users by providing language study dictionaries and many more educational books. From specific assignments to address specific translations or provide the buyers with interpreter books. On this website you can find the most complete information about Dictionaries, we also have a wide collection of e-books. A Dictionary for every need. Find the best offers and the best-selling Dictionaries only at Hatori Shop.

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Buy Study Reference Books from Japan

Study Reference Book

We present to you a selection of study reference works that set out the terms of debate on the subject. All study reference books focus on the growth of kids' brains. These study reference books offer you all books related to Japanese and English literature to inspire kids in various ways of doing things.

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Buy Literature Online from Japan


We offer you a list of the best of the letters of the country of the rising sun. Little is said about Japanese literature, but it has been exposing relevant topics for centuries. Our Library has everything, including textbooks and language books. We attach special importance to children's literature. That is why it occupies a privileged place on our shelves.

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Buy Books for Children from Japan

Books for Children

Your children's first reading experiences are essential for their growth and development and will mark their learning and future love of literature. Textured books, pop-ups, funny pictures, and incredible stories are best suited for the younger ages. Here at Hatori Shop, you can buy all the books for your children, from anywhere in the world.

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p>Buy Game Strategy Books from Japan


Game Strategy Book

If you want to encourage your 5+-year-old to learn to play games (and get them away from screens!), we recommend several very well-designed paper books. For those who want to discover the rules of the game of Pokemon and Fortnite then progress, we at Hatori Shop, recommend many books to be read between 8 and 88 years old!

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Buy Magazines from Japan

Japanese Magazines

The magazines continue to represent a current means of communication, this before the electronic modality of some publications since they have unique characteristics that make them stay present with the consumer. Buy books and Magazines for the whole family, find the best magazines in the catalog of Hatori Shop like Japanese media and film industry and more available.

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Buy Entertainment Books from Japan

Entertainment Books

How many times has it happened to you that you are going to read a comic or manga or watch a series or anime and you don't know where to buy them? From now on you will always know, whether it is your favorite series or a book that you want to read. At Hatori Shop, you will have your entire collection of series, programs, comics, books, etc. perfectly organized so that you can place an order at once.

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