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Japanese Independent Watchmakers : Hajime Asaoka

Publish date: 2021.03.17

Japan Independent watchmakers : Hajime Asaoka

Japan has long been known for its watchmaking. And while Japanese manufacturers cannot overtake their Swiss counterparts in terms of price level, they are quite comparable in terms of quality of production and level of craftsmanship.

The Japanese Big Three watchmakers are like Mount Fuji in the wristwatch industry. However, few people know that in Japan there is also a number of independent enthusiasts capable of producing unique watches, for the right to own which are competing collectors from around the world.

The phenomenon of Hajime Asaoka proves the unique ability of the Japanese to excels in every aspect of craftsmanship, even if challenge is to take on entire Swiss watch industry. Master Asaoka controls every aspect of watchmaking himself and has, one might say, taken the global luxury watch market by storm with his unique tourbillon models. These watches are not inferior in price to the most expensive analogues from the best Swiss watchmakers.

For the budget market, the master has created a separate line, "???". The brand is essentially a Japanese spelling of the word CHRONO. This watches being made by small lots of 50 pieces for each variation, has a unique dial design and uses Citezen's Moyota movement. The price range for these models is around $1,700 from the manufacturer, but even here, collectors are snapping up the runs in a matter of hours.

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