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Hakuhodo - Top of the line makeup brushes

Publish date: 2021.01.22

Japan is known for its makeup brush manufacturers. Basically all of the top brands in this segment are Japan born and Hakuho-do is probably the most famous and expensive company in this market.

The history of Hakuhodo started a long time ago. As you may know Japan is a country with complicated writing and there was always a demand for high quality calligraphy brushes. So over time this industry with its craftsmen and centuries of experience began to dominate the makeup brushes market. 

Japanese brushes are made of natural fibers. The type of animal hair used in the brush is important, it is carefully selected based on the main application brush will be used. Often pony, sable, sable weasel and synthetic PBT hair are used. Each type has its own characteristics.

Since squirrel hair is the softest and gentlest, it is used for the face, while the firmer badger fleece is used in eyebrow brushes. This kind of attention to detail makes them incomparably better than their synthetic counterparts.

Originally, the final shape of the brush was given by trimming and trimming it. Hakuhodo craftsmen, working with natural hair, realized that the hair itself is perfectly folded and they need to give it the necessary shape. For this they began to work by hand special wooden cups in the shape of which a brush was formed and which was already trimmed from the back side. Such brushes work most gently with your skin. 

Hakuhodo offers a wide range of brushes, separated by type of use (face, eyes), textures with which the brush is applied (liquid, cream, powder), and skin types.

Now if you want to give a gift to you special someone, you know what any lady will be happy to receive.


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