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Tasaki - Unexpected cut of Japanese perl.

Publish date: 2021.08.22



Hi, This is Hatorishop, and we continue to introduce you to iconic Japanese brands and to tell you about our discoveries in design.


As it happens, Japanese aesthetics are very often regarded as subtle and at the same time unsolved. We think that in many respects the aesthetic values of Japan have been shaped in this way by the fact that life here is surrounded by the sea and a beautiful natural scineries.


This spirit of beauty, which is characterized by sophistication and refinement, is embodied in every product of the Tasaki jewelry company.


The Tasaki offers  elegant pearl and gemstone jewelry that combines with utter audacity and classicism, which forms brand's unique style.


Tasaki is a kind of antagonist to the Mikimoto other Japanese  brand renowned for it’s artisan work with Japanese Akko pearls.

In the Ginza district of Tokyo, the two giants' boutiques are located literally few blocks apart, which indicates a competitive spirit that draws attention even of those who are barely interested in the world of expensive jewelry.


Since its foundation in 1954, the Tasaki jewelry house is distinguished by its revolutionary approach to the design of jewelry with pearls. Breaking all the canons of classical style, the company was the first to use in the design of the cut in half pearls, as well as pearls decorated with precious stones. Such "excesses" were considered unacceptable in the conservative world of Japanese pearl craftsmanship.


Historically, pearls in Japan used for formal occasions, such as weddings and funerals. But with his approach Tasaki distances itself from Japanese formality and offers customer an exclusive trip to the world of unconventionality. The brand's philosophy leads it to a constant search for new heights of excellence, which are different from everything we are used to experience before in classical jewelry brands, and in our opinion, they do a pretty good job.



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