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Most expensive toilet paper in Japan

Publish date: 2021.08.13

Hi, this is Hatorishop, and today we're going to talk about high-end hedonism.
I think when you visit the hardware store, many people have already chosen and have their favorite varieties of toilet paper. But have you ever wondered what the most expensive toilet paper in Japan looks like and how much it might cost?

So, today we present the products of Mochizuki Paper, a company that specializes in the production of top grade toilet paper, which. has created 2 new products that have become absolute bestsellers.

This is a three-layer toilet paper brand HABISHO, which is supplied to the court of the Japanese emperor, we also had occasion to meet it in the prestigious Japanese country hotels. The product is so popular that there is a waiting list of several thousand names. The cost of a set of 8 rolls of this brand is 11,000 JPY, which is about $100 or 7,500₽.

The second product of this brand is called USAGI, which means "bunny." It is also a high-quality toilet paper as delicate as hare fur. The design of the product code, where the white roll contrasts with the red frame core, emphasizes the Japanese origin of this product.

How do you feel about these kinds of glamorous products? Would you like to add to your inventory and which brand?

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