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Japanese brand Edobio - Recreating traditions in modern cosmetics

Publish date 2021.08.13

This week our attention was drawn to EDOBIO, a new company that is actively gaining popularity in Japan and abroad. 
The company's approach to creating modern skin care solutions is to study centuries-old beauty traditions, many of which can be traced back to the Edo period (1600-1858).

Company founder Kenichi Arakawa spent more than 15 years studying ancient Japanese beauty techniques and procedures. Arakawa discovered a rich tradition in this area, which included fairly simple ingredients and care techniques that have survived to this day.

For the Japanese cosmetics company Edobio, finding future solutions to today's skin care problems was as simple as turning to the past.
Kenichi spent more than fifteen years studying the history of Japanese beauty techniques and classic practices before launching Edobio in 2018. He discovered a rich tradition of using simple ingredients and rituals that have survived through the ages.

To create innovative Edobio skincare products, the brand combines old-world ingredients with today's cutting-edge cosmetic technology. Product formulations focus on soil-based probiotics that contain adaptogenic compounds. The brand's main ingredient is BiProGE, which was grown by cross-fertilizing lactobacilli and yeast found in the soil of the rice fields.

 Edobio scientists first discovered that touching the soil improved the condition of their hands, including rough or dry skin. Further research revealed the benefits of nutrient-rich soil and lactic acid bacteria that directly improved skin conditions. This connection soon led to the creation of the brand's flagship product, Masu Soap for face and body.

Another unexpected source of inspiration for the Edobio skincare line is sake. Sake is historically known as Japanese superfood rich in peptides, amino acids, vitamins, yeast and other skin beneficial substances.

Another distinctive symbol of the company's products is the minimalist packaging made of cypress and pine, the traditional material used to make sake cups, and paper sleeves reminiscent of the Japanese flag. By bringing these touches to its brand, EDOBIO hopes to convey the incredible history and culture of Japan through its products.

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