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About us

Hatori Shop Office

HatoriShop is a shopping agency so customers all over the world could enjoy shopping at Japanese EC platform such as Yahoo Shopping, Yahoo Auction and Rakuten.

Each of above-mentioned mega mall has over million shops, that will be available to you through HatoriShop.

Purchased items will be sent to HatoriShop warehouse. We will check and suggest preferable way of shipping,  pack them accordingly for international shipping and dispatch to you.

EC platform that are available for hatorishop.com:


Hatori Shop WarehouseService of HatoriShop

Lots of EC site and shops in Japan are limited to domestic users.

Being your agent, HatoriShop will purchase, collect, pack and ship items to you.

1. We shall complete shopping process for you.
2. Organize international shipping
3. Optimization transportation cost by combine goods from plural shops in one package



Hatori Shop LocationHistory

HatoriShop is growing fast as a part of Hatori Sangyo Co.,Ltd with history of more than 60 years.
Head office in in the center of Tokyo at Sumida city. We are trying our best to increase customer satisfaction.

Hatori Sangyo Co., Ltd is established by Hatori Taira in 1960.
He started metal parts manufacturing here in Tokyo, worked hard and played a role
during post-war reconstruction period.
During 60 years of corporate history, we started to work with customers all over the world and a portion of
overseas sales ratio is growing accordingly. On that extention, we opened HatoriShop.

Where are we located?

HatoriShop head office and warehouse are located at Sumida city in Tokyo. It’s around 300 meters from Tokyo Sky Tree (the tallest tower in the world). Easy access to airport Narita and Haneda, also to port of Yokohama.




If you need additional information about our company, please do not hesitate to contact us!